YVFH Sourdough Pizza Dough!

Who loves Pizza (who doesn't?) Our frozen sourdough pizza will be perfect for your localvore pizza... thaw, proof, shape and bake with your favorite toppings!

Here are basic steps - and a link to a more detailed website below!

  1. Receive your dough - put in fridge night before pizza night.
  2. Morning of pizza night - put dough in oiled bowl, cover and let proof. This can be done in room temp (55 ~ 65 F) or in refrigerator.  Warmer the temp, faster it will proof, and longer it proofs, more of that sourdough flavor will develop. You can let it double / triple in size.
  3. 1 hour before baking - bring to room temp. if not done so already.
  4. Shaping: Cornmeal, Semolina Flour or plain all purpose flour is your friend! don't be shy with additional flour to keep from sticking, and either hand-toss or rolling pin to your preferred thickness.
  5. Top with your favorite items, bake high temp (450 ~ 500 F) on a baking stone/steel if available for crispier result!

Alexandra Cooks is a great website where the basics of our dough recipe came from - and she has great tips on successful sourdough pizza handling.

Happy Eating!